Happy Father’s Day


When I was younger, Father’s Day wasn’t my favorite. When I was 10 years old, my parents divorced. It was inevitable. And probably a really good thing because my dad was, let me just say, not the greatest. So, I didn’t really have a dad growing up.

But, trying to stay in touch, I would search every store for an appropriate Hallmark card for him. But, I could never find one that really expressed my feelings, since my relationship was so painful. So, I’d just get one that was blank, and wrote something like, “Happy Father’s Day.” Not real creative, but I mean, what else can you say to someone you really don’t know?


When I got married and three years later got pregnant, I distinctly remember saying to my husband, “I sure hope you know how to be a good dad, because I have no idea what they are supposed to be like.” Thankfully, he did. In fact, he was a great dad to our three kids. And he still is, to our adult kids and now to our grand kids.


But there is something else he does well. He “fathers” a lot of young adults that don’t have a father. There are so many young men and women that need a spiritual father and/or mother. They are dying for someone that has “been around the block” a few times to pour into them.


They want someone to learn from, that won’t judge them if they don’t know how to do something or don’t know something. They want someone they can go to for advice or help. They want to just have coffee with someone older than them that really listens to them and acts like they care. They want someone to speak honestly to them, and maybe even confront them, because it’s coming from someone that really loves them. They want someone to teach them things they don’t know, and be able to ask questions of them. They need someone to forgive them when they do dumb things, and still want to meet with them. They need someone to speak destiny into them and remind them who they are meant to be. They need someone to show them how God sees them. They need someone to help them discover their dreams and then help them get there. They need someone to believe in them. And they may need someone to have their back, when no one else does.


Yes, all of this takes time. But, when I look at the scores of young adults that Bill has done all of those things and much more, it is worth every minute. And it started with our kids. Happy Father’s Day, Bill.


Oh, and one more thing. They won’t often ask you to hang out with them, because they know you are busy. And they probably think you will say no. So, maybe you could pray about who is in your sphere of influence that needs a spiritual dad or mom. Open your eyes to the young adults around you. They are just waiting for someone like you.


I promise you, it’s worth the investment.

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