Don’t miss it



Typically, as a new year approaches, I like to spend some time with God in anticipation of the new year. My husband and I will make some plans for the year, put our travels on the calendar and talk about our priorities and passions. We pray together to get God’s heart for what He has for us in the year ahead, also asking for things on our heart for the same.

I also like to ask him if he wants to say anything to me ahead of time about the new year ahead. Maybe a word or phrase to live by, to be reminded of. If not, that’s ok too. But I just want to hear his voice, and maybe be alerted to or step into something he might have for me.


So, I did that this past week. I’ve been pretty sick, so I’ve been sitting around more than normal, but positioned to hear from the Lord in that place for sure. As I took a bath to relax and feel a little better, I started asking the Lord if he had something to say to me about 2018. I didn’t hear a word. I didn’t even hear a directive phrase. But, a prayer came out instead.


Because what also informed my time in the tub, (you know you have random places where God meets you too) was the news of a friend of mine’s death on Christmas day. I didn’t stay in touch with him after high school much, except we both went to San Diego State, so we crossed paths there a few times. But I do know that Rick loved Jesus. I saw on FB that he was married and had a son. And it’s just not ok with me that he is already gone. Life is too short. Way too short. He left this earth too soon. So, when I asked the Lord to speak to me, this prayer came out.


“Lord, don’t let me miss a thing that you have for me.”


I don’t want to miss something that God is up to.

I don’t want to miss an opportunity, a moment, a prayer, an encounter, a friend, a relationship, a leader, a chance to go somewhere, a chance to share you with someone, an opportunity to heal or be healed, a truth, a word, a connection, your voice, a divine appointment, an answered prayer, an event, a celebration or even some fun.


I don’t want to let fear keep me from anything that God has for me, or what he has for me to give to or do for someone else.


I want all that God has for me in 2018. And, I’m realistic enough and been around long enough to know that it’s not all easy or fun. And I’ve also been around long enough and taken enough risks to know that it’s totally worth it. For me and hopefully for someone else.

But, I just don’t want to miss a thing. And with it being January 1, 2018, and this is on my mind and heart, and knowing that Jesus will answer my prayers, I’m pretty sure I won’t miss a thing. (Unless I’m stubborn, or lazy or not paying attention, which has definitely happened.)


How about you?

My encouragement to you is don’t miss anything that God has for you this year. Step into whatever he says, does or invites you into. He is trustworthy, and actually, in control of what happens in the end. But, as one author puts it, “We just don’t know how fast the grains of sand are dropping through the hour glass.” But I do know, it sure seems like they are dropping fast.


So, let’s not miss a thing. This new year or any year.

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