Help for an unsettling time

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We are living in a crazy time, that’s for sure… We might find ourselves sleeping more, definitely traveling less, and zooming our brains out! I have connected with lots of my friends and co-workers during these many months of lockdown, and those who are introverts seem to be doing just fine. Then there are the rest of us that want to pull our hair out due to not having any conversations (excluding zoom, of course) except with people you live with! I know I have struggled. I am also now realizing that the summer is gone and I’m not sure where it went, because I barely know what day it is.

As you read this, you might be centered and well, or, on the other hand, quite possibly discouraged and depressed. (And maybe all of the above!) There are days for me where I feel excited for the things that God is doing, when He gives me a glimpse. But there are also days where I feel just the opposite. So much going on, so much to think about, it can all be overwhelming… and we don’t always know where and who to go to for help. So,

I wanted to let you know about some of Novo’s resources. ( and is the mission organization and division that I work for.) Novo is comprised of many gifted missionaries that have created so many amazing tools and resources for the church worldwide. And I wanted to share some of them with you for such a time as this.

 #1::Our SentWell team in Malaga, Spain

Check Out:

I have personally benefitted from many articles and helps from these folks. (SentWell serves as the member care team for Novo, providing spiritual formation, counseling and much more.) They have a specific link for helping deal with Covid-related issues that affect us spiritually and emotionally as well as our physical well beings. I highly recommend “From Isolation to Invitation”, a retreat put together by some of our staff for this time of uncertainty. They even made one specifically for families. They also have various articles on all things related to our uncertain times, and the stress it puts on us. Check out the website and browse around. There is a lot to glean from them!

#2:: From our ReNew team. 

This gifted team has created a tool to help you connect with God during this time. Caring for our souls is more important than ever right now, so they created this tool for just that. It is free for you and anyone you might want to share it with. 

Check Out: A Sheltered Place: a resource for leaders in a time of crisis

#3:: From our Pioneering Initiatives Catalyze team.  
I LOVE this resource! These guys have a ministry friend, Nicole Rim, that has written two free e-books she has written entitled, King Covid and the Kids Who Cared (written for 4-6 year olds and 7-9 year olds) and King Covid and the King Who Cared (a discipleship version). 

Check Out:

Download this free coloring book for you to use with your kids to help them cope with and be informed about Covid as they enter back into school (whatever that might look like!) It is written in several languages too. It’s well written and beautifully done!

I hope these resources might provide some encouragement in these uncertain times. (Let me know if you benefit from any of these!) 

I’m just so glad we are not alone, and we have one other. And, some gifted people to help us.

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